What others say about The Globetrotting Gourmet

” I thoroughly enjoyed the advantages of a small, well organised tour complete with unexpected highlights off the beaten track. Beautifully indulgent hotels from a colonial classic to a brand new eco resort. Really love to join you again on another tour in the future, please keep sending tour updates.
Robert and Morrison expertise and personalities made the trip to Myanmar unforgettable. ”

– Anita Herzberger, Perth, Australia 2013

We were thrilled to be able to see the markets with you and to learn so much about the cuisine of Isaan because of the festival you two organized… The festival was so memorable, and I got so inspired that I came home, located sources for lots of ingredients, and have been cooking some of the dishes ever since. In fact, I did not realize how focused I was on working with the ingredients and methods I learned on that trip that after about a month… What a perfect way to be introduced to a new (to me!) and fascinating cuisine. The classes and the food were perfect. The presenters were each an incredible source of information and each of them so obviously dedicated to sharing their appreciation and understanding of the local traditions and ingredients…

– Loretta Frederick, Minnesota, USA

“The trip was amazing and we are still trying to absorb all the experiences.We did so much in such a short time it was certainly several terrific holidays in one.”

– Keith Mayne and Gayle Preston, Australia 2009

IT WAS A FABULOUS TRIP! Thank you both so much. I am not someone who hands out praise lightly, but it was one of the best, most eye-opening trips of my life.

– Cherry Ripe, Sydney Australia

Burma Food Tour

Join us in Myanmar/Burma on a FoodTOUR. We are planning two tours in 2015.