Sakura time at Sake Restaurant followed by a spring lamb at The Cut bar & grill

Aren’t friends great, Rebecca from took me out to dinner yet again. She knows I adore sake and we were plied with two at Sake Restraunt last night in Sydney. I had never tried a sake from a wine glass but this did not stop us devouring it all. It was quite a unique way of trying the divine liquor just like a wine glass allows the aroma of the wine to fill the nostrils we were able to smell every essence of the sake.

After two courses at Sake we them moved on to The Cut bar & grill to try spring lamb. I have not had sweetbreads in years and they we’re one of the best I have had. If you venture here, don’t miss the side salad of three cabbages, thinly sliced red and white with a kale, sliced prochuto and topped with a poached egg.



Visit the Cherry blossom festival at
1-30 September

Kozaemon Yamahai Junmai Banshu Yamadanishiki
Served with duck & spring onion with dark miso sauce
Served on exquisite fiancé

Tasmanian spring lamb cutlet with sweetbread, lamb shank tortellini, asparagus, mustard & tarragon

Passion fruit & yoghurt ice-Cree brioche sandwich

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