Bangkok vegetarian festival in Yaowarat

We timed our latest Thai travels to coincide with the country’s annual Vegetarian Festival, and on Sunday Oct 14 hit the trifecta, with a Buddhist Northern Thai festival at  Wat Watchirathansathit and Hindu festival on Silom Rd.  Thai vegetarianism is Tao origin, and especially followed by ethnic Chinese here.  So where better to celebrate than along Thanon Yaowarat in Bangkok’s Chinatown? Its main street is lined with food hawkers under bright yellow awnings, selling a plethora of “jay” dishes.  Not only meatless, they are  prepared with no onion, garlic, chives, shallots, chilies, celery nor eggs. In other words, nothing to excite the passions.  Alcohol is also out, and as for sex, forget it!

Bangkok October 14 – 24
Phuket October 15 – 23

Bangkok vegetarian festival in Yaowarat


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