Maxwell Food Court

Maxwell Food Court in Singapore’s Chinatown is  one of this city state’s best places to eat hawker street food.  Grab a copy of Makkansutra — the essential guide to street eating here, then explore.

Street food eats  were corralled into shared communal space decades ago, to ensure a high standard of hygiene.  And it has worked, with continuing generations patronizing such hawker stalls, without fear of illness.  They are certainly the best value eats anywhere, and Singapore’s discerning — if not passionate — eaters ensure the competition for quality is fierce.

Tops here at Maxwell (and don’t confuse this food court with the Circus) is Zhen Zhen porridge, where loyal customers queue for 30 minutes for a bowl of congee and a side of raw fish salad.  Come evening, its a totally different selection of eateries open.

Just across the street from The Scarlet Hotel, and 3 minutes walk from Berjaya, and 5 minute to Amara.

Muslim food.stall # 01-103
Prata with egg, and dahl on the side

Zhen Zhen Porridge stall #54
Fish, chicken or egg
$2.50 $3

Tanjong Pagar Road




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