Cuisine Wat Damnak restaurant, Siem Reap

Pork ribs and fresh coconut tree heart curry #tgtg

We cruised the Mekong 7 nights on the Pandaw,  from Cambodia to Vietnam.   Best R & R with even greater scenery. Before embarking, we supped in Siem Reap at Joannes Riviere’s Cuisine Wat Damnak restaurant. While front of house gives a chilly reception, its kitchen warmed our cockles.  Without doubt, the kingdom’s most exciting fare. Joannes has long been a passionate practitioner of authentic Cambodian flavours and an expert in its regional — and seasonal — variants.  His restaurant highlights not just unique recipes, but also rare and wild ingredients. Set menu included local puffer fish with pounded eggplant; fresh water langoustine with green mango and water lily stems; and pork ribs with fresh coconut tree heart curry. Not to be missed.

Between Psa Dey Hoy market and Angkor High School,
Wat Damnak village, Sala Kamrek Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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