World’s Best & Worst Passports.

As inveterate travelers, we’re always keen to surmise which countries’ passports allow visa free entry to a third country.  Best are EU members, with  Britain, Sweden & Finn holders allowed into 172 countries without a visa.  Afghanis fare worst at #93, tailing Iraq, Somalia and Pakistan, entering a mere score and a half nations visa free.  USA holders tie #2 with Luxembourg, Germany & Denmark, while Canada comes #4, New Zealand and Switzerland at #5, and Australia is #6 along with Greece and Singapore.
The survey doesn’t mention which countries allow a second passport from the same issuer, which comes in handy when your first passport is at another country’s embassy awaiting processing. Nor does it rate charges per country, and whether additional pages can be added when your pre-existing passport is clogged with too many entry stamps.



Compiled by Henley & Partners Visa Restriction Index.



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