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We’re regularly ask tour guides, hotel GMs and taxi drivers which nations’ citizens make the best travelers. But it’s a rare for a country to dob themselves for indiscretions. The 64-page Guidebook to Civilized Tourism from China’s National Tourism Administration, rules social etiquette for the Middle Kingdom’s overseas tourists, with counsels against picking your nose or teeth in public, nor playing with your hair while eating. Another common foible: don’t snap fingers to summon waiters. More recently, members of a Chinese tour group flatly refused to hand back the metal cutlery Singapore Airlines served with their in-flight meal service.

25 Pearls Of Wisdom From China’s ‘Guidelines On Civilized Travel Abroad’

General Tips

1: Refrain from limp handshakes.

2: Do not pick your nose in public.

3: Soiling a swimming pool is frowned upon.

4: Do not leave footprints on the toilet seat.

5: Keep nasal hair trimmed at all times.

6: Do not take airplane life jackets as gifts.

7: Do not coerce locals into taking your photo.

8: If you have to pick your teeth, do not use your fingers.

9: Try not to drink soup straight from the bowl or make slurping sounds.

10: Do not talk about people behind their back in Chinese (because someone nearby might understand you).



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