LCC Harvest Dinner 2014 – The Burma Cookbook in Oregon USA

slider-LCC-harvest-dinner-2014 LCC Harvest Dinner 2014 featuring recipes from The Burma Cookbook.

Morrison and Robert were guest chefs at this year’s 50th college anniversary, and we were delighted… and honored.  A record $365,000 garnered this year for scholarships, up some 20% over last year.  All 100 copies of The Burma Cookbook sold, and our auction donation of 5 nights at Bric-a-Brac Battambang sold TWICE — making some $11,000 for the school.  Congratulations all, and a special thanks to the culinary team & students.


LCC Harvest Dinner 2014 MENU


Mutton Ribs
Endive Cups with salty pickle and rice noodles
Shrimp Curry Spoons




Quick spice beef
 – Green beans Cauliflower and Chanterelles with Tree Ears – super, a solid medley.
 – Autumn Squash Myanmar Curry
 – Mixed Burmese Vegetable
 – Minted Potato salad


Semolina cake
Coconut Blancmange
Sesame cookie
Almond cookie 

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