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Discover a land of a million golden pagodas and two millennia of history on our Burma FoodTOUR.


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After a half-century hibernation from the world, Burma emerges as Asia’s most exciting destination.  And few know this country better than Robert & Morrison –- we’ve hosted tours here for 10 years, and we’ve written about the country’s food and arts widely. Cruise with us along the mighty Irrawaddy, and discover a world unlike any other on our Burma food tour. read more >>>



Burma, or Myanmar, is is a land of mythical proportions. Colonial Rangoon is an exquisite architectural time warp little touched in a half century, while imperial Bagan’s two thousand temples date from the 11th century, and Mandalay’s royal legacy continues to awe. Inle lake features floating villages and surrounding temples, and a rich ethnic mix retaining traditional cultures and tribal markets. The country’s far west Arakan kingdom near India dates well before 300 BC, with a richness of temples still standing from the 8-16th centuries.
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To a Westerner, Burma was renamed Myanmar in 1989. But ask the locals, and they’ll explain that Myanmar has been the country’s name for centuries. They are confused why foreigners still use the former colonial title — a name that specifically refers to only one ethnic group. Because Myanmar’s name change coincided with a military coup, the new term has largely failed to be used abroad. (Notably, the English-language Bangkok Post, as well as the country’s democratic opposition, still refer to “Burma.”)
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