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Savoring Burma – Gourmet Tour – Sept/Oct

Travel to Burma in Sept/Oct with the authors of The Burma Cookbook, awarded Asia’s best cookbook at World Gourmand. Explore a world where time stands still, but whose culinary delights trek new roads. Discover our unique world of culinary tourism. Small group deluxe tours where you dine like a local, from street food to the finest 5-star […]


A firm favourite with Asia Eater, The Burma Cookbook has recently been shortlisted for the ‘Best in the World’, as well as the ‘Best Foreign-International Cookbook’, category of the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, which will be held on 9th June in Yantai, China. Over a decade in the making, The Burma Cookbook spans Myanmar’s opulent traditions of empire: from […]

Burma FoodTOUR – 2015 Program

Discover a land of a million golden pagodas and two millennia of history on our Burma FoodTOUR. Upcoming Burma FoodTOURS: June-July 2015 Tour 1 – Tour 2       After a half-century hibernation from the world, Burma emerges as Asia’s most exciting destination.  And few know this country better than Robert & Morrison –- we’ve hosted tours […]

Potato Waffles, a new weekend favorite!

Brioche, pancakes and waffles are all a favourite of Morrison’s for a weekend breakfast.  But this time he mastered potato waffles.  They worked deliciously. Sift together 1 cup/135 g plain/all-purpose flour, 2 teaspoon (10 ml) baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon (1 ml) salt. Whisk together 3 eggs 1cup/250ml buttermilk, 1 tablespoon (15 ml) melted butter and […]

Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags: Excuse the pun, but a major brew is taking place between coffee shippers.  Traditional burlap/hessian bags are on the way out, usurped by plastic supersacks.  Traditionalists bemoan that plastic doesn’t allow beans to breathe in humid, hot shipping conditions, while others counter that cloth causes coffee to dry out and become flavorless.  Perhaps […]

Worst & Best Tourists

We’re regularly ask tour guides, hotel GMs and taxi drivers which nations’ citizens make the best travelers. But it’s a rare for a country to dob themselves for indiscretions. The 64-page Guidebook to Civilized Tourism from China’s National Tourism Administration, rules social etiquette for the Middle Kingdom’s overseas tourists, with counsels against picking your nose […]

World’s Best & Worst Passports.

As inveterate travelers, we’re always keen to surmise which countries’ passports allow visa free entry to a third country.  Best are EU members, with  Britain, Sweden & Finn holders allowed into 172 countries without a visa.  Afghanis fare worst at #93, tailing Iraq, Somalia and Pakistan, entering a mere score and a half nations visa […]

Eveleigh Market with Daniele Delpeuch

Daniele Delpeuch, in Sydney this week promoting her real-life film Haute Cuisine. She joined us early Saturday morning to Eveleigh Market.  Last in Australia 23 years ago, she marvelled at the new foodstuffs, duck, organic vegetables and especially  sheep and goat milk cheeses. But her first comment: “You have coffee at the market? How unique!” […]