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Dresden Stollen Christmas Cakes

Stollen: my annual output of Dresdner stollen Christmas cakes. Yeast dough kneaded forever, dried fruits macerated overnight in black Bacardi rum and once baked soused with more then slathered with unctuous melted butter and dusted with copious quantities of icing/powdered sugar. And finally wrapped in foil as the ultimate xmas gift of love. I think […]

Spirit House Chrissie Chalet.

We fossicked this green & red bamboo spirit house from the local Battambang market. Amazingly, both its design and colors are perfect for Christmas.  Indeed, it looks more Western than Asian, what with its tall gables and Germanic-style marquetry decorations.  So we’ve festooned it ecumenically for the holidays, with tiny vintage Santas (a legacy of  my mother Joni Y); topped […]

Christmas Stollen ready for the oven.

Christmas Stollen ready for the oven. Afterwards, two heavy coatings with butter & powdered sugar, then ageing till Christmas. Question: this recipe calls for glazing with egg white prior to baking, but won’t that hinder the butter absorbing after baking? Any stollen experts wish to comment?   Macerating dried fruit in rum for my Christmas […]