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Barbecue Ribs

These barbecue ribs are dwarfed in my grandmother’s old enamel roasting pan. The pork in Asia is always so tempting, and as nature intends, “it’s the other red meat” — not, “the other white meat.”  Rouge- and pink- fleshed porcine is a far cry from the cardboard dry white-fleshed pork sold in the West. Additionally, Asian […]

Christmas Stollen ready for the oven.

Christmas Stollen ready for the oven. Afterwards, two heavy coatings with butter & powdered sugar, then ageing till Christmas. Question: this recipe calls for glazing with egg white prior to baking, but won’t that hinder the butter absorbing after baking? Any stollen experts wish to comment?   Macerating dried fruit in rum for my Christmas […]

Winter classic: boiled chicken & dumplings

Last night was so cold, we reverted back to a winter classic: boiled chicken & dumplings. Mix together 1 cup/135 g self-raising flour, a generous pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper, plus optionally,  a spoonful of  grated hard cheese like a parmesan or manchego.  In a separate bowl,  beat 2 eggs  with  1/4 cup/60 […]