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Khao Chair

  Summer (March & April) means Khao Chair in Thailand & Htamine Thangyian in Myanmar/Burma. This exquisite dish of Mon origin centers around rice in floral-imbued iced water, but originally scented by sandalwood. Accompanied by a plethora of sweetened meats, a Thai version of chilli relleno covered with egg lace, battered kapi/shrimp paste balls, exquisitely […]

Crispy fried chicken wings with Thai dressing

Chicken wings with Thai pickled shallot dressing of fish sauce and  lime. Crispy crust blend plain and sticky rice flours. All traditional ingredients but fusion assembly. Coriander/cilantro garnish. Directions: Coat the chicken wings in a blend of 2/3 rice flour and 1/3 sticky rice flour then deep fry. Make the dressing by soaking sliced shallot […]