What others say about our Tours:

round-bernadette-gooley” the most amazing trip, we saw, and did so much, due to your fantastic knowledge of the country, and the people. The food was delicious, and the cooking demonstrations were very special, so many things to mention. Your lovely company…”

— Bernadette Gooley, London


round-anita-Herzberger I thoroughly enjoyed the advantages of a small, well organised tour complete with unexpected highlights off the beaten track. Beautifully indulgent hotels from a colonial classic to a brand new eco resort. Really love to join you again on another tour in the future, please keep sending tour updates.
Robert and Morrison expertise and personalities made the trip to Myanmar unforgettable. ”

— Anita Herzberger, Perth, Australia 2013


“We really loved it and felt very we were taken care of extremely well…”

— Mary & Harvey Freeman, New York


round-keith-and-gayle“The trip was amazing and we are still trying to absorb all the experiences.We did so much in such a short time it was certainly several terrific holidays in one.”

— Keith Mayne and Gayle Preston, Australia 2009


“As long term independent travelers we have been wary of group tours. This one is different. Our recent trip to Burma with Robert and Morrison has been a highlight of our travel experiences. A magical mixture of food and culture”

— Keith Mayne and Gayle Preston, Australia 2008


Thank you for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to see the best of Vietnam both culinary and visually. This last week has been beyond our expectations. We are going home with a full heart of incredible memories and we thank you very much.

— Carole & Meyer Sibbel


“Both Ross and I thoroughly enjoyed your tour and have been speaking highly of your organisation, attention to detail and delightful personalities in handling the “group”, let alone the wealth of knowledge you imparted regarding the food and history of Vietnam.”

— Heather & Ross Gange, Victoria, Australia



“Thank you so much for arranging this fantastic trip to northern Vietnam. I truly appreciate the uge amount of forethought, planning, scouting and attention to detail required to make arrangements for food, accommodations, guides and transportation for this fantastic trip. I hope you willcontinue to represent Globetrotting Gourmet with the extraordinary flair that you are so well recognized for. I look forward to viewing your future adventures on your website.”

— Gretchen Scott, New Mexico, USA



Thank you for a wonderful trip and for taking such good care of me…
Please keep me informed of any other trips that you will be doing, would love to go again to another country with you.

— Gladys Howard, Cayman Islands



round-TESTIMONIALS-cherry-ripe“IT WAS A FABULUOUS TRIP! Thank you both so much. I am not someone who hands out praise lightly, but it was one of the best, most eye-opening trips of my life.”

— Cherry Ripe, Sydney Australia



We were thrilled to be able to see the markets with you and to learn so much about the cuisine of Isaan because of the festival you two organized… The festival was so memorable, and I got so inspired that I came home, located sources for lots of ingredients, and have been cooking some of the dishes ever since. In fact, I did not realize how focused I was on working with the ingredients and methods I learned on that trip that after about a month… What a perfect way to be introduced to a new (to me!) and fascinating cuisine. The classes and the food were perfect. The presenters were each an incredible source of information and each of them so obviously dedicated to sharing their appreciation and understanding of the local traditions and ingredients…

— Loretta Frederick, Minnesota, USA



We had an amazing adventure with you, Morrie and crew. Thanks for all your efforts and attention to the details. It was truly magical. Sure was grand!

— Julie Hettiger & Ken



“The four essential elements to a great dinner are good food and drink; second, terrific company; third, beautiful décor; and finally, surprises. That is what you gave us and sustained it for the entire tour. It just kept getting better and better.”

— Merle Gordon, Chicago



“We saw – and tasted – Indochina in ways that large-group travel could never arrange. Focused, small group travel like this is definitely the way to go to find the best in this fascinating corner of the world. We’d follow Robert’s creative & off-the-beaten paths anywhere.”

— Ruth & Marc Fisher, New York, USA



“As I sift through the rich variety of culinary and cultural experiences you arranged for us, I am so appreciative of your research, your connections, and your fine instincts for what would be illuminating to experience in each country. The trip was everything I had hoped, and then some.”

— Cynthia Glover. Baltimore



“Words cannot come close to expressing our appreciation for everything: the great experiences and the fabulous accommodations. The two of you were the consummate hosts… unflappable, no matter how ridiculous we were. We are committed to going anywhere with you two.”

— Helen Bauch. California



“Thanks for making our Thai trip so enjoyable, exciting and memorable.”

— Judy & Alan Eeles, Canberra, Australia



“Your trips are wonderful because you experience the culture. Food brings us in touch with the people, the crops, the way of life. The arts show us their soul and lift our spirits. The best part is that people attracted to this type of trip make fascinating travel companions. We’ll be back!”

— Susan & Glenn Rasmussen, Minnesota


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